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Our Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking for the right construction team for your job, you’ll want to have as much information about the options available to you as possible. In this section, we answer some of the most common questions to who we are and the way we work:

We’re proud to work almost entirely with our own team of specialists, who we’ve handpicked to carry out their work, drawing on decades of experience in most fields of construction.

Occasionally however, a job will require a unique or niche specialist, in which we’ll source an expert from our own extensive network.

Generally, for every project we take on, we’ll keep in close contact with yourself as the client to understand what exactly it is you need. Then, we’ll carry out a site visit to establish what materials we’ll need and how long the work will take.

Using information gathered in this process, we’ll create a quote for the entire job, taking in materials, labour and time.

We’re trusted by clients across the Essex and Hertfordshire areas, working across both commercial and residential properties.

With regards to distance, we provide our service to areas from 30 miles out of Dunmow Essex. If you’re unsure whether you fall into our area or not, give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through options.

Given the unique nature of each project we take on, it’s difficult to put a length of time for any job.

Generally, when we provide you with a quote after our site visit, we’ll try to give an indication of how long the work might take.

Yes, we are fully insured to carry out all manner of general contracting work including more specialist tasks. To find out more about the insurance we have and what we are licensed for, please give us a call on 01279876023.

Permits are a key part of any construction process and we’ll handle all of the permits you’ll need for the job. If you need extra permits, we’ll help you handle the paperwork as needed.

Any questions? Ask Us!

Got any extra questions for us? Give us a call on 01279 876023 or 07954360673 and we’ll happily get back in touch.


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